Bugs / Issues 1.0.22 public e

1 year ago

Scroll of Faerie Fire has the same icon in Inventory as Scroll of Fog Cloud.

In the New Character process, each Background comes with "BACKGROUND EQUIPMENT" that includes "15d1 gp" for Academic and Acolyte, "80d1 gp" for Aristocrat, etc. What does 15d1 or 80d1 mean? Surely you can't mean a 1-sided die as that's ridiculous?

In the Dungeon Maker, it's possible to enter Titles longer than can be displayed in the "User Locations" list. For example "Expedition to the Grand..." There are 7 such user locations in the Workshop database, but once downloaded I can't see the rest of the names, not even when hovering the mouse over them. That could be might inconvenient when choosing which location to play.

Playing a Dungeon Maker location with a party of newly created characters who I used the "Level Up" function on, to level 3 or 4 (I tried both). After the first few combats in the location, the Inventory panel showed no XP gain. Specifically, the blue bar that circles the character's facial icon in the top-left of the Inventory panel. For the first few combats, there was no blue bar. It took 4 combats before the blue bar just started to appear (mouse-over says character has 2787 XP which is just 87 more than required for level 4). There seems to be something awry in the Level Up process. My guess is the Leveled Up character goes into the combat with a grand total of 0 XP, so it takes several combats to get up to level 4, whereupon the blue bar starts appearing.

When playing a Dungeon Maker location, if two characters finish crafting something during a rest (in the many hours wait before a Long Rest starts), it seems to only report the first creation. Looking at the inventories, I can see that both characters have made something.