Bugs in Final Solasta 1.0 release

1 year ago
I found two bugs in the final release of Solasta 1.0 release- so far.  
First Bug:   When I try to return Arton Merton's sword and walk into the Inn chaotic concurrent conversations start and occur and the screen and game go weird, and I am unable to progress. The Map no longer works and the top down view no longer works 

Second Bug:   The second is that character headgear no longer appears in the portrait, even though I have it checked.  

[8:09 AM] Acosta, Robert D Jr CTR (USA)
So, avoid walking in the Inn to return sword and continue with all of the other quests in your Journal.  Maiwin has a great side quest and story.
Level 3
1 year ago

i encountered the same bug

1 year ago (edited)

I encountered the same bug and i cant finish the secret of the past side quest if i call it right. I go to the residence and nothing happens...