Bugs in Character Creator (as of 9/15/2020)

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2 years ago


Second time playing the demo (first time was before/during Kickstarter), but first time with the character creator implemented. I went ahead and created a party of four characters just to see how it went and found several bugs or at least inconsistencies with 5E PHB.

  1. Aristocrat background doesn't provide proficiency in Intimidation as it says when you first select it
  2. Paladins should get Aura of Protection at level 6 (CHA modifier as a 10 ft aura that adds to saving throws). Instead it's showing the level 10 Aura of Courage in that spot. Hopefully that's not intentional as that is a serious nerf
  3. Will Variant Human be an option? Otherwise from a min/max gamer perspective, they are inferior. Obviously if you're just going for RP/flavor/whatever it doesn't matter.
  4. For Clerics, when you click on "Higher Levels", it does not indicate that they get an extra Channel Divinity at level 6 as well as the following issues:
    1. Destroy Dead and CR impacted not shown
    2. Domains don't list all their proper abilities when clicking on "Higher Levels" such as Divine Strike
    3. Insight Domain Spells listed as Life
    4. Sun Domain Spells listed as Life
  5. For Wizards, it is showing Arcane Recovery as a 2nd level ability, when it is gained at 1st level
    1. When selecting initial spells, holding Alt over Thunderwave, the higher level spell slot damage is cut-off
  6. For Rogues, Thieves' Cant is missing as a starting "language". Could be intentional
    1. Evasion is missing at level 7 when clicking on "Higher Levels"
  7. For Fighters: Indomitable is missing from "Higher Levels" at level 9
  8. Lastly, as a recommendation, it would be great to see all the possible specialization options for all classes up front for players to plan ahead. It also needs the "Higher Levels" part to it. The Cleric Domains are I think the only ones you get any insight into when creating a character.

Hope this helps! Apologies if this is listed somewhere, but I couldn't find it when searching the forums. Thanks!

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2 years ago

Thanks for the info :D

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2 years ago

I am also having the problem where Intimidation is not actually granted for choosing Aristocrat.

- ST