Bugs in 0.5.42

Level 5
1 year ago

Hi Tactical guys, thanks for creating a really great game! I have been having a ton of fun with Solasta since the Spring Update came out.

Got a few issues I thought you should know about. All of these found in 0.5.42 - Public.

Aid spell – temporary hit points are lost when changing inventory items. E.g. you cast aid on three party members. Select one of those party members. Switch weapon configuration from primary to secondary (e.g. switch from battleaxe + shield to light crossbow). The temporary hit points are lost. I first saw this in Caer Lem but seems to happen everywhere.

Lowlife quest – Gorim Ironsoot’s lines are not lipsynced. Market Street in Caer Cyflen.

Lowlife quest – encounter with thugs, spies and cleric is missing dialogue text – instead a message appears above one of the enemies referring to a dialogue file. No dialogue occurs. Doesn’t break the game though. In Temple district street in Caer Cyflen.

Travelling seller in Caer Lem – when purchasing rations here, they are quoted as being in stacks of 20. The game won’t let you purchase a stack of 20 if it would exceed your character’s carry capacity limit. However, when purchased they appear in your character's inventory only as stacks of five.

Caer Lem rotating bridge – I revisited the secret caves in Caer Lem, where you have the first big fight with Soraks. When I first revisited, the rotating bridge was pointing towards my side, so I could cross it with no problems. I exited the “back” way, i.e. carrying on through the library. The next time I revisited, the bridge was still in the same position, facing away from me, so I could not traverse it. Even when casting the Fly spell on a character, the game would not let me fly over to the central part of the bridge to spin it again. So now I can’t access the library.

Items going straight into inventory slots wrongly – my rogue looted a shield and the game auto-equipped this so she was wielding a dagger and a shield. This shouldn’t be possible as a rogue lacks the required proficiencies. I have seen similar things happen when characters pick up items and they go into inventory slots where it should be impossible, e.g. wizard wielding a shield alongside a quarterstaff, characters equipping armour they don’t have proficiency with, etc. Once removed from the slot, and put back in the regular inventory, the game (correctly) said that the characters could not equip those items as they lacked the proficiency. (In general, I find auto-equip very counter-intuitive. E.g. equipping those nice poisoned arrows I just found without me realising, so that I end up using them on low CL enemies…)

NPC’s combat noises not matching their character model/portrait – e.g. female bandit emitting male grunts, male bandit emitting female grunts, etc. Seems to be random/intermittent. Most often happens on random encounters while travelling.

Thanks again for the game, it is really great! Feels like a proper tabletop experience in a videogame.