Bugs from fist two playthroughs

2 years ago

Before stating on the bugs I must say I'm overall very positive to how the game plays and works. Great job, and great improvements over the demo, especially on the camera and verticality. Beware minor spoilers.

-- Items and Inventory --

  - Items randomly disappear when looting and giving them to other party members. I have not seen any other pattern than looting straight to other party member sometimes trigger it.

  - Stackable items that need identifying reset their identified status when new items are looted to a party member with already identified versions. Seen on +1 arrows and various potions.

  - Storekeepers can duplicate items. Sell item to store. Exit store. Re-enter and buy unlimited copies of the item. Seen on +1 Shield, +1 Leather and Rations.

  - Stackable items duplicated as above (5x Rations) perform as one "item" when changing stack size but as separate to count weight for the characters holding them. If you add or remove one item from one of the stacks all copies of the stack also change at the same time. Across all characters. And likewise when resting, eating four rations can reduce the available rations by 4 * copied stacks. The stack also act as one item when buying the stack from the store, ie you can not buy 1 ration from a 5x Rations item that you sold to the store, You can only buy the whole stack.

  - Crafted "Doom Rapier" doesn't look different than normal Rapier in tooltip but actually adds a bleed on hit effect

  - Scroll of lightning bolt calls itself scroll of fireball

  - Quest item protection is inconsistent. Tested with Angie's bones. Dragging to ground triggers error that you can not drop "items from party inventory". Right click and drop works and item ends up on the ground. Selling to shop triggers error that you can not sell "quest items"

  - Accessory items and ammunition does not seem to provide their stated bonus. +1 Arrow, Ring of Protection +1 and Bracers of Archery are some that didn't work. At least the character to hit, AC or damage is unaffected. Weapons and Armor does work.

  - Wand of Lightning Bolts can't be attuned to and is therefore unusable

-- Crafting --

  - Scroll of mage armor requires the Jump spell to craft

-- Spells --

  - Haste does not give a full second action. Wizard cast it on lvl 5 paladin but the paladin could still only do his normal two attacks. He could do something else (spell, channel divinity) and one attack though. So it does something, but it's not right. It should grant a full additional action and the UI indicate that with two white dots under the "Action" section. But it does not correctly account "extra attack" as being part of one action.

  - Area target spells sometimes trigger on top of caster without allowing the caster to target it. Seen with hilarious results casting Faerie Fire and Hypnotic pattern straight on top of the party instead of on the enemy. Does not happen all the time, Feels like it is more likely to happen on second cast in the same combat encounter.

  - Saving throw spells without an attack still show as having disadvantage against enemies in darkness. The calculation seems right though.

  - Acid arrow still does full damage after the ranged attack roll is a miss. Seen with NPCs targeting the party where both the Dice and the log show a miss and four rolled damage dies.

  - Flaming Sphere sometimes does damage to all in area. Sometimes it doesn't. Usually you need to "attack" with the sphere to make it work. It should damage all in area without having to attack with it. just moving it in should do the trick and be able to hit more than one target.

--  Quests --

  - Main quest in Bone Keep is very sensitive to how you progress. If you do something unexpected and complete the quest out of order the quest is never marked complete but the game still sees it as complete as you get the "end of early access" message when leaving the area after dealing with the master. Leaving before dealing with him allows you to travel around. In my first playthrough I killed the initial skeletons while fighting outside the courtyard. Got the dialog with Adam and when it was done I was still outside and proceeded to enter through the graveyard.I was still on "Enter the courtyard" step after killing the master. On second playthrough I took care to do it in the "prompted" sequence and all worked as it should.

  - Scavengers never pay out for Caer Lam nor are they interested in the second location

  - Scavenger Annie is not interested at all in talking about or progressing the quest to get background on Arwin Merton.

  - After collecting Angbi's bones and returning to Caer Cyflen the antiquarians are not interested at all. And if you drop the bones on the ground (see item protection bug above) nothing happens.

-- General --

  - In my second playthrough while in the Bone Keep my party started to pause before doing item interactions or looting. Clicking to do it looked normal, then the character waited 20-30 seconds before actually performing the action. After waiting it worked fine, but if you moved or clicked again nothing happened from the initial interaction.

  - Prepared spells reset on level up when you get new spells so you must remember to re-adjust also the prepared list each time.

  - Arcane Surge always tries to restore your highest spell slots. Even if the highest level slots are full and you have expended slots of lower level.

Level 3
2 years ago (edited)

Many similar notes but while haste had some issues for me casting it on a paladin with multiattack consistently let me have 3 attacks.  For me the issue is that if I dashed for the first action for example I was only able to use 1 attack for the 2nd action, rather than the multiattack.

I had the same lagged issue in the bone keep on one of my playthroughs, however, during that time I also could not save or quicksave.  Leaving the keep(loading a new area) and coming back fixed both the lagged interaction and allowed me to save.   The issue seemed to start when I fought the single Wight once partway through the maze.

2 years ago

You should actually be able to do 4 attacks with haste and the extra attack class feature. The extra attack feature adds an extra attack whenever you take the attack action. Haste gives you an extra action. It works just like action surge on a fighter. A fighter would be able to do 4 attacks then action surge and do two more if he had haste.

Level 4
2 years ago

No, the additional action provided by haste allows only 1 additional attack (a hasted attack). It is different from action surge that allows 1 additional use of extra attack (or any action that you may have access to like the cast a spell access).

You should, however, be able to for example hasted dash/disengage first and then use your "extra attack" action. In solasta, haste currently works under the assumption that you start by using your main action and then use your hasted action