Bugs Found During Playthrough

Level 1
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2 years ago
  1. Picking up loot from the ground area can also let you pick from your inventory unless you scroll all the way down in your inventory list before selecting items
  2. Wands and other items should be off hand items instead of spell focus pieces
  3. attunement doesnt work
  4. annie quest marker unresolvable
  5. switching weapons to a light source with off hand and auto moving with attack doesnt remove the dim light disadvantage
  6. cannot perform the crawl action when in combat (example: rouge was in a seperate room when combat started in the dark keep first teleport zone with the ghost, but whenever you try and move him out of that space into the room with the ghost it will not allow you to move through the crawl space - animation is performed though)
  7. Need a way to select between objects in the same space (creatures and or items) - mainly ran into this with spriritual weapon out
  8. Too easy to move spriritual weapon and not be able to attack - need an undo option or something to make sure you dont miss out