Bugs encountered since Spring Patch

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

Here is a list of bugs I have found on my latest  playthrough

Version 0.5.42 Public

I am using a Custom  Paladin  subclass Mod, so my save files  may not be compatible, but most  of these should be unrelated to the paladin.

This  is a fresh run started on April 14

Life cleric   level 3 -7 Spiritual Weapon - The damage does not increase with upcasting to 4th level & it uses proficiency instead of spellcasting modifier for the damage roll. Should  be 2d8 + wisdom mod force.

Life Cleric Level 7 Spirit Guardians-  The damage does not increase with upcasting to 4th level. Should be 4d8 radiant/necrotic.

Paladin  level 4 - 7 Follow Up Strike-  Triggers with any attack including ranged weapons

Paladin  Level 5 -7 Haste - Unable to use haste additional action if you have the extra attack feature and only completed 1 of 2 attacks.

Fly -  Pathing issues across gaps (maybe  gaps  in general 2 air elementals in the Tower of Magic during the  Magister's  Amulet quest were stuck in a platform  unable to  find a path to reach my party)

Kythaela- Cantrip Shadow dagger does not scale  even  after she unlocks her spellbook which should make her a 5th level caster. damage should be 2d8 psychic

Save file corruption at specific locations.  Autosaves are corrupted in  The Dungeons (gem quest location) and  all saves are  corrupted at The New Empire Embassy (background quest  location)

Dwarven Thrower - does  not  have  thrown property 

Level 7 Life  Cleric - Guardian of  Faith missing  from life cleric spell list

Wizard - Grease missing  from Green Mage Spell list

Spell Scrolls - Scroll  of Hold Person casts Mirror Image Title, Scroll of Hold person casts Misty Step, Scroll of Protection from Energy casts Revivify,

Shadow of  the Past  ( background quest)  No trigger occurs if you rest at  the residence  when the quest requires you to wait for the next day. ( quest updated  to return to residence, but  no new  interactions are available at  residence)

Encumbrance rules not applying properly to  world travel -  (Using  simplified  and table top) Party is impeded 95% of the time and resting while traveling does not seem to refresh the status causing my party to  be  surprised  in most encounters.

Possible  memory leak - Game slows down to a crawl  the longer I play it forcing me to  close and reopen.