Bugs encountered in Winter Update - Ver. 0.4.14b

Level 10
2 years ago (edited)

First of all, thank you to all TA devs for your hard work bringing us the Winter Update before the end of the year. You are a small team, so you must be very busy fixing everything. Thank you for listening to our feedback and fixing issues like lighting and giving us the party stash! The Q&A livestream was also great to get in touch with you.

That being said, I found several old, unfixed bugs upon playing the Winter Update, as well as some new ones:

  • Gold values of items: Still bugged. A diamond is said to sell for 1000 gold, but actually sells only for 540 gold. Please fix the tooltip.
  • Prone enemies: When your character attack-moves to a prone enemy, you get disadvantage, even when you have reached melee range. However, if you move into melee first and THEN attack, you get advantage. You should always get advantage in melee.
  • Summoned creatures/effects: Cannot move first and then attack. I would like to position my Spiritual Weapon or Flaming Sphere first and then attack, but you can only move OR attack-move.
  • Crafting Scroll of Fog Cloud: Requires the Jump spell.
  • Annie Bagmordah/Alwin Merton quest: Still bugged out. When you talk to Annie after giving her the Caer Lem mission, she will only report on the progress for Caer Lem. Alwin Merton quest cannot be handed in.
  • Voice lines: Some voice lines are mute, for example when your character talks to Annie ("what news?"). You see the text and the mouth moves, but there is no voice.
  • Poison flask: Still "heals 2d4+2"
  • Party stash: Can only be used by the party leader. Other party members who want to move stuff into the stash have to give it to the leader first. Please make the stash accessible to the entire party.
  • Quest for Information: Not a bug, but the fact that the entire quest can fail if you miss a single History check seems unfair to me. Please give us the chance to re-do the quest or offer other ways of completing it. This feels very random.
  • Copying scrolls into Wizard spellbooks: In some cases (Identify scroll for me), copying a scroll into the book creates no entry in the log about the failure or success, and the spell does not appear in the book. After a long rest, the spell did appear.
  • Temple of Einar faction: Still does not appear in the factions list in the journal.
  • Character model: Gauntlets sometimes don't appear on the character model.
  • Bracers of Archery: Bonus to bow damage is not added to the tooltip of your bow.

Thanks again!

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