Bugs encountered during playthrough

Level 1
2 years ago (edited)

0.4.14 - Public 

List of bugs I encountered during my playthrough, in no particular order:

- Pressing Alt (item highlights) prevents camera movement 

- Casting all spells at higher slots should be allowed no matter what. Example Spider Climb is not possible to cast at level 3. 

- Books that span more that 2 pages do not correctly overflow between pages (e.g. from page 2 to 3), example: "The early day of Copparan"

- Belt of Hill Giant Strength is annotated as giving 19 Str, gives 20 Str, and is supposed to give 21 :)

- When scribing spells, the whole scrolls stack is destroyed (e.g. 3 scrolls)

- If a wizard has no ritual spells in the spell book, scribing the first one does not enable "Ritual Casting" button

- Bracers of Archery creates weird message when using short sword with it: "Feedback&Additional Damage..."

- In Mardacht fight one Skeletal Enforcer is neutral...

- Spiritual weapon seems to deal d8+2 damage on my cleric (with Wis 16, Dex 18, Str 12) 

- Under Factions, you do not have a Church of Einar

- Javelins are duplicated on enemy bodies. Throwing 1 creates 2 on the body.

- Wand of magic missile does not deplete charges when used (so is infinite)

- when disarming traps or opening locks even if lead character has no thieving tools and lower slight of hand score he/she still goes for opening or disarming (which should not be possible) due to missing tools, or desirable (due to lower skill)

- Sometimes when looting bodies character gets "stuck" - does not respond anymore, cannot move. It is somehow connected to area looting, since pressing Esc. shows area looting window briefly.

- Bestiary "last update" sorting does not work correctly

- Summon Animals (3rd level spell) creates creatures that do nothing

- After turning in quest about bringing back bones, it is not possible to speak to antiquarian anymore

- In bestiary make windows with description of creature attacks bigger, otherwise it is not possible to read

- Bestiary "Brood of flesh" picture is wrong

Temp fix suggestion for Spiritual Weapon:

- After casting Spiritual Weapon grant back bonus action, this way weapon can attack same round. Proper way would be to grant only attack with spiritual weapon, but for now this will do.

Level 9
2 years ago

In addition to the odd message, bracers of archery apply damage when using a Rapier.  The +2 should only be applied when using a Longbow or Shortbow.  It seems to apply if the damage type is Piercing though.  (Not that my Rogue minds the extra +2 with Rapier... just isn't supposed to be there.)

2 years ago

The Staff of Fire also does not use charges when used.  Additionally, it has a DC of 5 which is ludicrously lowit should be more like 12/13 or use the weilder's DC. Also, the wall of fire effect has an ENORMOUS area, and does 30 damage regardless of save.

When weilding an item such as the Staff of Fire, I cannot use a potion or scrill, the UI does not register an item.

The Winter Wolf breath has no visual effect, and seems to have its DC and damage bugged.

Level 5
2 years ago

Wizard character had the crown of the magister equipped as well as the wand of magic missiles. Wand of magic missiles did not appear as useable option during combat. Only the crown appeared as usable item. I could still enter the inventory and use the wand from there, but I saw no option to expend more than one charge at a time like this.

Also, as said before, the wand does noz expend charges. It is always charged with 7/7.

Also: Why are there two different Character action menus in exploration mode and combat mode? I cannot start combat with a shove action, for instance, because I cannot access it. It does not appear unless combat has already started. Why can‘t all availabe actions always be displayed for every character, regardless of the situation? Seems like a weird design choice to me. 

Can only clerics use the scrolls with divine magic spells on them? I had a party with a paladin, but not a cleric, and none of my characters could use scrolls of cure wounds, for example. Let alone scrolls of revivify or raise dead. Is that a bug or by design? Does every party need a cleric if they want to be able to use those items?