Bugs As of December 16th 2020

Level 2
2 years ago

Angbi’s Bones quest loop: Once turning over the bones to Caer Cyflen every time you speak to Caer the conversation repeats. Upon return to Dark Castle Angbi Kramsson is still there (after quest turn in).

Unable to target wall torches, magic lamps, and window covers with magic.

Basic Poison: 2d4 +2 “Healing”

Travel menu does not detect Create food spell.

Create Food Spell requires targeting, but will only add food to caster.

Only one magic Item available to select, i.e. Crown, and wand

Dark Castle area map stuttering

Dark Castle “Master Madracht room” skeletal enforcer, skeletal archer bugged to Neutral status.

Question: Is food from create food spell supposed to disappear?

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 years ago
  1. Known bug
  2. That's really weird, I just tried and I absolutely can. Could you send us your save file @ contact@tactical-adventures.com?
  3. Known bug
  4. Known bug
  5. Huh, noted
  6. Not sure if UI limitation or if bug. You mean you can only ever have one magic item on your combat UI bar?
  7. Known bug
  8. Known bug

Yes, "magic" food perishes after a long rest. Normally it's 24h, but we noticed that it would create several stacks with different durations and it was becoming way too messy in the inventory.

Level 6
2 years ago

5.  (Create Food Spell requires targeting, but will only add food to caster.)

I can verify that exists for me too with version .14

  1. Cast spell
  2. Spell pop-up instructs player to target a character
  3. No matter which character is target the food is given to spell caster.

6. Here's what he is talking about; on the character that has the crown the quick slot item is unusable with the Use Item UI button: