Bug/Issue Compilation from my 2 playthroughs.

2 years ago

I know there are more that I didn't see yet, but here are my noted issues that I was keeping track of.

Acid arrow that causes a character to be acidified gets their turn skipped.

Darkness (specifically from Ahsaka) causes flaming sphere spell to just disappear.

Flaming Sphere (and Spiritual Weapon) cannot move and then attack. If it moves without attacking, the move is lost... so you can't position.

Sylvan Archer does not negate 1/2 or 3/4 cover.

Sylvan Archer gives +1 Dexterity past 20 (My archer went from 20->21 dexterity).

Sacred weapon channel divinity doesn't work (at least every time I tried). It doesn't make light, it doesn't give +1 to hit and it doesn't count as magical (damage was still halved on Ahsaka (sp?)

Spiritual weapon has disadvantage on attack in darkness?

Spiritual weapon should be a bonus action to cast and attack.

Being in darkness gives everyone a disadvantage to attack. If all parties are in darkness it should be disadvantage+advantage as both the target and character are blinded.

Goodberries don't disappear after 24 hours.

If there is a lot of things in a characters inventory, clicking to pick something up uses a different icon and it doesn't work. I constantly had to "loot all" then right click and "drop" because I couldn't drag anything to the ground.

Non-bugs, but potential issues.

AI for casters are... dumb. They cast sleep at least 1/2 if not 2/3rd the time on characters that have well over max potential hitpoints for it to work.

In the first chapter/act... I found 3 leather armor +1, and 3 shortbows +1, and 2 shields +1. Everything else was much less. By the end, I also had 12+ scrolls of revivify and raise dead. Is the intention that we all should be playing dex based ranged characters?

There is no way to wander or explore in the wilderness. No way to even turn around off the railroad tracks. You just have to finish your journey and then do the same back.