Bug with targeting items in Bone Keep

Level 1
11 months ago

I used to be able to cast "Fire bolt" on torch or orbs to light them but in Bone Keep, I can't target them. I can light the torch with a candle or a torch on my characters but impossible to cast a spell on it. And when you get on the 1st floor, you have magic orbs to light and I can't target them with any of my characters.

Level 11
11 months ago

Had that at some point in the castle. Most of the time it was alright, but when I returned to a certain place (a corridor with ghouls leading to a library? already forgetting things...) to gather missed loot, I couldn't cast fire bolt on torches or boarded windows.

Level 5
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10 months ago (edited)

BUMP - Bug still present in new version

Cannot target lights/walltorches or destroy window-panels in Bone keep.
Cannot use anything but torches to light up the wall-torches. Cannot target the panels on the windows in any way with any spell.
Tried with:



Fireball (yeah I know its overkill)

Flamingsphere (yeah I know its overkill)

Bow before me! Or d'ont. I'm not very picky about these sort of things.

10 months ago

I had the very same issue in my second playthrough. From what I could tell, it didn't affect my first playthrough though.

Level 5
10 months ago

I'm reloading right now because of that bug of not being able to target torches in wall sconces and also all of the ghouls & skeletons are green and I cannot fight them.  I really want the xp and to hit the highest level possible with this patch to test character strength and builds.  I like the improvements you made to everything and understand it's alpha test, we'll have bugs.

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
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10 months ago