Bug with rituals and short rest PC version 1.0.22

5 months ago (edited)

So here's the thing, when i try to use a ritual for magic detection or identification, the screen shows the rest artwork but :

- It's written "your party rests for 2hours"

- It doesn't stop, it's just stays on that and i can't do anything else

- It was working just fine yesterday

- Same with the identification scroll

Edit : can't rest on a safe long rest zone either, only on the travel map

Same thing with the short rest, the screen doesn't budge it's stuck and it's quite unnerving I've had to Alt+F4 the game a few times already and no change whatsoever plus i don't really know where it could come from. Little help here please, thanks.

5 months ago

Same problem here...

4 months ago

Well, had to begin a new adventure and the problem is magically done like ???

Level 1
3 months ago

It's patch 1.1.11 now and I'm still having this problem

3 months ago


Could you send us a save file where the issue occurs?

Also, do you use any mods?