Bug: Versatile battleaxe dice rolls, create food when travelling, spell attack bonus

Level 5
2 years ago (edited)

a) Game Version: 0.4.21 - Public

b) New Game: started last week

Paladin - human lvl 3 (and lvl 4 and 5):
Utilising crafted battleaxe of acuteness. Combat log shows always that dice roll was with d8. Invetory screen etc shows that because verstatility roll should be d10, but in combat log it is refered to d8 always. I tried to log my rolls and never saw over d8 roll. And the little die image showing what die was used is d8 in the log. So problem is either that log just refers to wrong die or wrong die is even used (my gut feeling).

Sylvan Elf - Cleric - Life lvl5:
After learning create food I did not see that casted in all of my two travels with that. Checkbox was in place and not greyed out. Another variant of known bug?

Snow Dwarf - Wizard - Shock Arcanis lvl 3,4,5 (STR: 10, DEX: 18, CON: 15, INT: 18. WIS: 13, CHA: 8)
Spell attack bonus. I have understanding that profiency bonus should be added to spell attacks. Combat logs says following for Spell attack on lvl 3 for example 11 + 4 = miss. Popup explanation then says +4 from int and +2 from profiency, but total added was +4 still.

Now on level 5 I did not notice this anymore. Now I saw spell attacks +7 (INT +4 and proficiency +3 popup)

Level 5
2 years ago

I managed to see battleaxe of acuteness to roll 9. So bug is just reduced that the small die roll image in log is wrong instead that axe rolling wrong die.

And now cast create food is always greyed out. So I am starting to doubt my eyes. Propably it was greyed out and this is same bug that has been reported multiple times elsewhere also.

2 years ago

In addition to the log showing a smaller die size (I see this on all versatile weapons being used 2 handed) the animation for my Battle Axe of Acuteness also appears to be swinging one handed, even when the offhand is empty (3rd slot but no torch/candle in place)