[BUG] Unable to move after the start of combat encounters

1 year ago

Where, how, who, when?

In what map / where exactly in the map did the bug happen? This has happens only during surprise combat encounters while traveling around the world

How did it happen? Did you click somewhere, did you open a menu, did you cast a particular spell? At the start of combat, I will click to move my character. The character will move one square and then immediately stop, no other characters- including enemies or npc's will be able to move. Attack actions, spells, and powers are all available but no characters can move towards each other. It says each one of my characters has negative movement. Looking at my screen my level 9 barbarian can move -9 squares

Who did it happen to? Was it a Hill Dwarf Life Cleric level 3? Was it a Human Shadowcaster Rogue level 5? Was it an NPC? Whatever character moves first in combat, it can be any character in my party or any enemy NPC trying to move

When was the save that you loaded made? Is it a fresh run, or is it a save from a previous version (with a little warning mark next to it)? ** Both, I've gone back and tried from earlier after leaving Caer Cyflen, but whenever I get surprised on the road at one of the two main spawn sites for surprise encounters every character loses access to their movement

Really love this game so far, please help! I also emailed this out but hoping someone has seen this bug before and knows a work around so I can keep playing while off from work