BUG: TIME [am/pm] is busted in the game. BUG

Level 9
4 weeks ago

The game calls 12-noon as 12-AM.  And for the entire hour after 12-noon, it remains as AM, until it hit 1PM and the AM becomes a PM.

So for the hour after noon, the AM in the game is BUGGED and should be PM.

Level 9
1 week ago


1 week ago

Yeah this bothers me more than it should, too.

Level 1
2 days ago

This led me down quite a rabbit hole! 

Apparently in Japan it's common to refer to midnight as PM and noon as AM

"According to Japan Standard Time Project's FAQ "12am? or 0pm?," noon was first defined as 12am under an 1872 Japanese Law when Japan introduced Western calender [sic]. Japanese insurance companies follow this rule to this day."

Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12-hour_clock#Confusion_at_noon_and_midnight

"The style manual of the United States Government Printing Office used 12 a.m. for noon and 12 p.m. for midnight until its 2008 edition, when it reversed these designations[17][18] and then retained that change in its 2016 revision.[26] "

Level 8
3 hours ago

This is what happens if you don't use decimal time :)

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