[BUG] Stuck on a 0 hp summoned enemy elemental turn in combat.

1 year ago

Am in combat with Emperor Laethar during "The cradle of fire". With my druid, i summoned an Earth Elemental (large cr5) before combat started. It was in the room after i talked to Laethar but before i had to fight him (second interaction) when i interacted with Laethar and started combat the elemental was no longer around, it was also not a part of the initiative. i went one round of combat before it was my druids turn. not having the elemental around i summoned two conjured beast, this broke concentration on the summoned elemental. When this happened the elemental was placed into the initiative as an enemy with 0 (zero) health. it got to the 0hp elementals turn and did not continue in the initiative, just saying its the enemies turn. i had to reload the game.