[Bug] Softlock after attacking "oily pile of rocks"

2 years ago (edited)

Where did this happen?

In the first combat after the 2nd "green box" zone transition (against several large Deep Spiders).

What did I do?

Several turns into combat I was controlling Garrad. I switched from Sword & Shield to Sword & Torch in an attempt to light the nearby oily rocks on fire and improve visibility. Hovering my mouse over the rocks I noticed that the mouse-over icon showed a sword rather than a gear. Not processing this in time I clicked on the oily rocks, Garad swung at them, and the game's bottom UI disappeared and did not return. I could still open the menu and reload an earlier save, however.

Is it reproducible?

I tried to reproduce the scenario but was unable to. I hope this bug report can still be of some use regardless.

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2 years ago

Noted, thanks!