Bug Report For Solasta - Finished Current Content

2 years ago


 If inventory has items that scroll past container/ground, clicking the items on the container/ground will instead try to grab the items from your "Carried Items."  To click items on container/ground, need to scroll "carried items" to last row.

Un-Identified Potions Show Effects When you hover over use.

Vampire Castle
Input lag when clicking on any item that was generated upon entrance. Mob loot doesn't have lag to open inventory, but chest take 10-15 seconds to show animation. Takes 10-15 seconds to use any item to open doors or continue quest.

Cannot Save in puzzle area (may not be bug, but seems strange)

"Adventurer's Journal" - Typo on last line "thengo" should be "then go"

If party near loot object, all party members should be able to see items on ground/in object