Bug or I forgot something

10 months ago

Hi Folks!

I'm playing the EA Steam version, I completed the last main quest "The Dark Castle".

And I went to the main square of the game.

I know that there is a part of the monastery but I can't progress in the game, something bug ... or did I forget to do something to "unblock" the content?

Level 14
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10 months ago

Do you mean that you cleared the castle and met the wizard in there already ? [not a spoiler: it is the quest]

OR do you mean you are in the castle inner courtyard and do not know how to progress further ?

If you did enter and dealt with the wizard (peacefully or otherwise), you should be able to leave the area and return to town, where you can get a new quest.  If you cannot leave the area, you do not have the most recent patch (see the game's Steam Properties).

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