[Bug] Oblivion Cleric's Mark of Fate power is not retargetted after current target's death

4 months ago (edited)

Game v1.4.33 on a MacStudio M1 Max, macOS Monterey v12.5.1

Context :

The Oblivion Cleric has an ability obtained at level 8 which allows once per Short Rest to target a foe, asking a WIS Saving Throw from it at cast time and at the end of each of its turn, and making it suffer the caster's WIS Mod in Necrotic Damage every time it is hit by an attack. It lasts for 1 minute (10 rounds) and can be retargetted on another foe when the current one dies (pretty much like Malediction or Hunter's Mark, except this one boost every damages rather than only the caster's ones, but require Saves to work).

Bug :

When the initial target dies with the Mark still on (i.e. the foe did not succeed any Save), nothing else happen. There is no prompt or anything asking to select another target at the moment of the foe's demise, nor is there any option at the Cleric's Turn to select a new target (be it with a Free, Bonus or Main Action, I tried any and every button, even trying to recast the Power, which was not allowed since it's only use was expanded).

It might be that I missed the option to retarget somewhere, but I'm pretty confident that I did not, as I've extensively tested it to be sure before posting.

Thanks in advance for your time,