[BUG] NPC Dialogue Not Shown/Heard in Cutscene

1 year ago (edited)

Version 1.3.57 - Public

I am on the main quest "Report to the Council." On my way back to the Legacy Council in Caer Cyflen, cutscenes triggered properly for Marshal Beric Sunblaze, Maddy Greenisle, Heddlon Surespell, and Joriel Foxeye. Each one of them introduced their respective factions. When I approached the last NPC, Halman Summer, I saw a one-sided cutscene in which my characters responded to lines of dialogue that were not delivered. I assume I'm supposed to be introduced to the Antiquarians, but only my characters' lines were delivered. I checked the Adventure Log, hoping to find the missing lines recorded there, but they are absent. I am not using any mods.

Day 16, 17:16 PM
Conversation: Meeting Halman Summer

Raven: Hello.
Tasha: You're based at an embassy? I thought the Council was neutral.
Theren: Like the Scavengers?
Raven: Good to know. Thanks for the invitation.