[BUG] Neverending combat

Level 3
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1 year ago

Map: Outside the tower, in the ruin where the "Lettre étrange" can be found in a tomb.

Quest: Le Monastère / L'ombre du profanateur

At the end of the final combat against Razan, once he dies, his whole party respawn with full hit points (even if they were all almost dead before Razan died).
The combat is still running, without any ennemy in sight.
When I click on their portraits in the turn order, the camera spans over unexplored buildings which are out of my party's reach.
In my quest journal, the "L'ombre du profanateur" subquest is marked as completed, though...

My party: 1 Human Paladin lvl 6, 1 Hill Dwarf Cleric lvl 6, 1 Human Wizard lvl 6, 1 High Elf Rogue lvl 6.

The save is a fresh run (v.1.013).

I tried:
- to quit and reload the same game, without any success
- to do the same mission again, with the same exact result

Thanks for your help!