Bug: Lock Breaker feat Not Giving Expertise

1 year ago (edited)

Current version (I think 0.4.14b?)

At 4th level I took Lock Breaker with my Thief rogue. I wanted to be sure I could break into anything! He was already proficient with the tools, so according to the feat he should receive double that bonus (not sure why your description doesn't just say "gives Expertise" but whatever).

I noticed somewhere in the Dark Castle that my lockpicking bonus was too low. I went back over the rolling logs and indeed, my 20 Dex character was only getting a +7 (+5 Dex, +2 proficiency). According to the description, that feat should've effectively given me Expertise in thieve's tools (so double proficiency). This didn't change at level 5 either - I still have the feat, but am only getting +8 on rolls involving thieve's tools.

If I open the character, he is also listed as only being proficient with the tools, and at his base proficiency bonus (now +3).

Not sure what exactly the bug is, but I can confirm that Lock Breaker does not actually give the additional proficiency it says it does to characters who are already proficient.

It does allow me to roll with advantage, though, so clearly some part of the coding works. Not sure what's going on in the backend.

Level 7
1 year ago

+1. This happened for me too.

Version 0.4.21 (Jan 13th update)

Level 14
1 year ago

Same for me.