Bug List Post-Play Through

Level 4
2 years ago (edited)

Loved the game, can't want for full release!

I'll skip anything I already posted about or that I've read other's posting about:

1. When you have a lot in your inventory, enough to scroll down, and you are looting something (but not scrolled down), you can attempt to click an item from the loot but instead click the items in your bag that are "behind" the loot panel.

2. I noticed this mostly on the skeleton archers outside the bone keep: After looting them (even loot all) their bag will still be there. Loot again: Tons of arrows. Loot again: Tons of arrows. I can't recall if you can loot infinite arrows here or just 3-4 times. Really weird.

3. When I reached the vampire lady in the Bone Keep, she mentioned being impressed that I had defeated Lazz(something) to get there. I found Lazz's journals (three copies of the same one) but I don't remember every actually finding Lazz herself.

4. The basket container on the far left side of the Bone keep (outside) is looted from inside a room on the other side of the wall.

5. In the fight against the lizard people, in the room with all the individual pillars (after the rotating bridge) I had lit both the torches on the left side of the wall. One of the Sorak's was climbing the wall and was literally right above the torch but "in dim light."

Level 1
2 years ago

In my playthrought, I also had bug 1 to 3 and was also going to report them.