Bug list - 2nd playthrough

2 years ago

Here's my list of bugs I've encountered through two playthroughs.


1) Scroll of Fog Cloud requires Jump spell as part of crafting

2) Doomblade Rapier is not magical for purposes of overcoming damage resistance to nonmagical weapons (Wights).


1) Magic Weapon spell does not make weapon magical for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance.

2) Bane does not apply -1d4 to enemy attacks

3) Paladin Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon does not work (no bonuses, no light source)

4) Neither Dispel Magic nor Daylight cancelled Aksha's darkness

5) Lost the character's turn after taking secondary damage from Acid Arrow


1) 12:00 noon is displayed as AM

2) Dice roll DC's are not displayed for actions when hovering over them (disable device, open lock, etc.)

3) When moving items in inventory, sometimes the last item will disappear if the inventory is full, or is scrollable


1) You can't return inside the Keep at Caer Lem after the first time.  The door is ajar, but characters can't walk inside, nor can magic bypass the door.

2) Could not 'examine' the ladder to climb up to the chest in the Ruined Tower.

3) The lower pushable column in the Ruined Tower does not display correctly once activated.

4) Characters lose stealth after their first turn of combat, regardless of passed stealth checks or not taking/readying an action.

5) Caer Lem's Goblin Cave mission did not start/appear in my journal during my second playthrough.

6) Hollow log behind the pond by the wolf hut in the Bone Keep can not be interacted with

7) I got my party trapped in Lizzara's room after closing the door while inside.  The characters all tried to access only the front of the door for the object interaction and I had to load my previous save.

8) Characters will take the most direct path to the dedicated object interaction spot for traps, even if it means walking over the trap.

9) When battle starts, if characters are moving through each other in a small space, characters without a specific spot to stand lose their turn and are incapacitated.  For me is was when I had 5 characters physically on a 4-spot platform when the Sorak's attacked in the tunnels after Caer Lem.  Once I moved one of the characters off the platform, the incapacitated character took their spot and became usable.

10) Angbi's Bones item details has skeleton spelled squeleton.  Not sure if this is intentional.

11) The Creed of Arun feat appears to do everything, and more, than the Robust feat.

Hope this helps.

- Flayzeranyx