Bug list

2 years ago (edited)

1. If a friendly is standing in flaming sphere at the end of combat they cannot get out before it severely damages them.  (If a character is still taking damage combat should not end)  At the very least it should be an actual six seconds between damage bursts so you have time to move the character out.

2. Overland travel should have an option to cancel and change direction.

3. If an inventory item is below the loot item being selected the inventory item is selected rather than the loot item.

4. If a rogue first uses cunning action to dash as a bonus action he can't attack afterwards.

5. You currently cannot initiate the scribing of spells during travel.

6. Fighter can use both action surge and second wind in same turn.  These are bonus actions so only one should be allowed.

7. A magic shield doubles the magic AC bonus.  Example: A +1 shield grants +4 to AC instead of +3.

8. Paladin is unable to use spell scrolls that are on his spell list.

9. Characters sometimes get stuck.  Toggling stealth appears to fix it.

10. Dancing Lights spell is supposed to allow you to create four independent lights that can be within 20 feet of each other in order to light a larger area.