Bug in Missing Piece quest

Level 5
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1 year ago

Hedlon Surespell warns me that I shouldn't sleep in the Residence, and rather sleep in the Inn. The only exclamation mark, however, is on the guard in front of the Residence at the Sunblaze Court. So naturally, as a well conditioned gamer, I follow the exclamation mark, and take a rest in the Residence. Luckily I make it through the night without incident. Ha! I'm on to you, Surespell! You wanted me to sleep in the Inn so you could ambush me there because it's less protected. Oh wait, the quest has not advanced???

I can sleep as many nights in the Residence as I want and nothing happens. The moment I spend a long rest (doesn't even have to be the night) in the Inn, the Residence gets ambushed and the quest finally advances. The main issues I have with this are:

  1. The Inn keep should have an exclamation mark as well to mark it as one of the long rest options. (I consider this a bug and hence the post in the Bugs area.)
  2. It just feels wrong and poor design to be given a "choice" of where to spend the long rest, if one of the choices doesn't do anything.
  3. A long rest in the Inn starts whenever I start the rest. In the Residence I have to wait until night time. For me it was 9am, so the long rest in the Inn ended at 5pm. Apparently enough for the council to "sleep over it"?
Level 3
3 months ago

Doing the same thing for me. I stayed at the inn first and I was alerted to the residence being ransacked, but I reloaded because I wanted to see what happened when staying at the residence... and nothing. Maybe this was intentional? But if it was, don't give the option. It makes for a very anti-climactic event.

1 month ago

I went to the Residence first and got ambushed. Reloaded to see what happened at the Inn and nothing happened at the inn. 

I was more curious to know if one vs the other had any weight on the rest of the story but haven't found anything. 

3 weeks ago (edited)

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