Bug: Follow Up Strike

Level 2
1 year ago (edited)

Version: 0.5.42 - Public

Paladin Level 4

Feat Follow Up Strike

Style Great Weapons Fighting

Weapon Greatsword

When using a Heavy Crossbow with a Level 4 Paladin who has follow up strike, I get a second shot at the target. The Heavy Crossbow is labelled two-handed so that may be the intention as it would be included in the feat wording, but does not seem appropriate for a ranged weapon.

During the same encounter on a different save followup strike does not occur when Divine Favor has been cast.

Edit for correction: Followup strike was not offered in the action bar, which only displayed end turn, but the character could still attack directly to a target. 

Saves are available for the random encounter 

Level 9
1 year ago

Basically the same thing... I have a Paladin swapping between Greatsword and Longbow.  Follow up strike applies to the Longbow.

Granted, the feat description just says "while wielding a two-handed weapon", so maybe this in intentional, but I had assumed it was only supposed to apply to melee weapons.  If it is intentional, then time to give me Rogue this feat and get 2x Sneak Shortbow Attacks!  Or maybe my Greenmage... This may become the most abused Feat in the game. :)

Level 4
1 year ago

2 X Sneak attack would not work since  it only applies once per round in Solasta. RAW it should be once per turn but it does not trigger  on readied actions  nor attacks of opportunities.

Level 5
1 year ago

Even if it was meant to apply to ranged two handed weapons, it shouldn't apply to crossbows as they have the 'Loading' property. In RAW, that means you can't possibly shoot more than once with the weapon on your turn.

Longbow could be fair game though if ranged weapons are intended.