Bug: Endless Quiver of Colthannin doesn't recharge

Level 4
1 year ago

Client: 1.1.11 (Steam PC)


I had two separate, unequipped quivers that I used once and then wouldn't recharge. As seen in the image, they would always say 1 hour left even after a short rest, long rest, etc.


Once I equipped one of the quivers and then rested it recharged where as the one that wasn't equipped did not.


Have a quiver in the inventory (not equipped), use it, travel to spend a day, attempt to use it again.

11 months ago

That's funny, in my case the quiver (unequipped) does not seem to have any cooldown at all: I can use it as an arrow factory.

Level 6
11 months ago

Mine worked as expected except it didn't seem to recognize overland travel as taking time. On more than one occasion I would travel for days and reach a dungeon only to remember that I needed arrows. I'd try to click but it wouldn't work until I actually took a "rest", even though we had just spent many days on the road.