Bug: Elemental Affinity doesn't work for a lot of different multi hit spells

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

Client: 1.1.11 (Steam PC)


When using a plethora of different Fire based spells on my Draconic Origin (obvious red/fire) Sorcerer I found that most spells didn't work correctly with elemental affinity. In my previous playthrough (post Sorcerer update) I had a Shock Arcanist Wizard and I do remember that working with each ray of Scorching Ray so that may be something to look at.


Firebolt: Works, except if you twin cast it. Then it will work for only one of the targets.

Scorching Ray: Works for only the first ray, regardless of whether you're hitting the same target with each ray or just one.

Fireball: Works correctly, hits all enemies hit by fireball.

Burning Hands: Did not test

1 year ago


The bug was actually the other way around: Elemental Affinity was added to each target when using a spell attack (and was not used for spells with Saving Throws, like Burning Hands).

Elemental Affinity should now work as intended: it will add your Charisma modifier to 1 damage roll of the spell (and this added damage is always the first target, when there are multiple spell attacks)