Bug: Dark Castle stuck at loading screen [solved]

2 years ago (edited)

So I've completed the initial quest identifying the crown, and it sends you to the Dark Castle to look for a gem. Everything seems to load fine along the way (Random encounters, I even stopped at the Caer at the entrance to the badlands). However, when I reach Dark Castle, and they find the way in, it gets stuck on the loading screen. I've waited 10+ minutes twice now, tried loading from earlier saves to get different encounters on the way, and it can't seem to load it.

Probably not the only one experiencing this, but wanted to put it on dev radar just in case. 

2 years ago

For anybody else who runs into this: verify my game cache fixed the issue. I had one file that did not match up with their master version. 

2 years ago

Thanks for your advice. This worked for me, too.

2 years ago

This worked for me as well!