Bug: Characters displayed for dialog options are sometimes not the ones doing the actual talking

1 year ago

I could't find if somebody did have a similar issue before.
Version 1.2.15
A few times when choosing the dialog option to persuade with one of the characters, after selecting it, another character will talk an do the dice roll instead. For example it did show me a persuasion check +8 (success 75%) for my spy (human, rogue). After selecting this answer in the dialog panel, another character (dwarf,soldier) did do the talking and did the roll with a +1 or +2 instead, which then failed.
Same thing happens when choosing dialog options while talking to shop keepers but then it doesn't matter if the soldier or the spy asks to see the wares.

1 year ago


Could you send us a save file where you have this issue on a dialog with dice rolls?

Also, just in case, if you are using mods, there are sometimes issues with dialogs if you used mods to respec your character while playing!

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1 year ago

Quick feedback : it happened to me once without any mods, but I forget where/to whom I was talking.

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