[BUG] Caer Elis not showing on map in Temple of the Lost God quest

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)


  1. Version 1.3.44
  2. PC Version
  3. What happened: I spoke to Arwin Merton to travel to the Temple of the Lost God. This was after we had the conversation where he agreed to go and after I rested one night. He said he'd meet us at Caer Elis and said it was on my map. However, the location does not appear on my map and the exclamation mark is still over Arwin's head.
  4. In case it's relevant: Earlier today, I bought the DLC and installed it. I also played online multiplayer with a friend. That was on a completely different save, though. I also stayed the night at the apartment given by the princess instead of the inn. The save I'm sending to the developers was made earlier today.
  5. Things I tried: Restarting the game, leaving the area and coming back, verifying integrity of game cache.
10 months ago

I have the exact same issue but I have not purchased any DLC. I am playing on my Xbox Series X via Game Pass but it does not appear to matter if you had the same issue on PC.

It's a little demoralizing to see that this issue was raised 2 months ago and it still does not have a solution :-(