[Bug] - Black Screen after Cutscene

Level 10
1 year ago

Hello.  In our Multiplayer game last night, two players got stuck in Black Screens following a Cutscene.

Game Version: 1.3.53

Where: CotM Original Campaign.  Following the Battle with the Unknown Hero and the Portal while talking to the Council after returning with the Crown.  

Who: The player playing Niland (Level 4 Life Cleric) and the player playing Loken (Level 4 Swiftblade Ranger).

How: This happened after about 2 hours doing the Library and Sorak Acolyte battle and returning (random encounter).  We returned to the city, and brought the crown to the council.  I passed out and woke up, talked to the council again and got the gem which kicked off the Unknown Hero battle.  Everyone was able to view the battle (I was controlling the Unknown Hero).  Following the battle, after the transition, two players said they were at a black screen and unable to see or do anything.  They did have a mouse cursor but nothing else but black screen.  When I clicked Fast Travel to the Gravekeep's Cask, they got a popup for travel and were able to click it.  Quick travel was interrupted by a few more dialogs from Faction NPCs.  Still black screen for these players the entire time.  After getting to the Gravekeep's Cask, I manually saved the game.

Following the game, one of the players ran the file verification through Steam and said there were 4 files that were corrupted and repaired.  We did not have a chance to retest.

Emailed to contact@tactical-adventures.com  and included two save files - one at the start of the battle and one after battle completed.

1 year ago (edited)

I am having the same issue with version 1.3.55 After the fight with the Unknown hero the game goes black. As described above, in multiplayer one can still progress by loading after the cut scenes, but in single player this is the end. I loaded the save in single player to try all the solutions but nothing worked (updated nvidea driver, verified the installaion, mediapack was already activated, hammerd the ESC key, put the graphic settings to the minimum with all features disabled). Still black...

7 months ago

I had the same problem as Thaladar above last Thursday.  Game version 1.4.33.

My friend hosted the game, and I joined.  We controlled 2 characters each.  When it was time for a cutscene my screen went black, but his cutscene played fine.  I restarted my computer, he saved the game after the cutscene, and we restarted the game.  Next cutscene was the same issue, so we gave up.

Hoping this will get resolved, as this game is really enjoyable otherwise.