[BUG] Arrok dead but cannot advance quest

1 year ago


Version: 1.0.18 - Internal

GOG version

On the quest, "Gem Quest: The Cradle of Fire", I ran into 2 bugs and the second one resulted in my party being unable to advance the quest.

First Bug:

When I met Brok at Redscar Gate to face Arrok, the inner gate to Arrok's throne room was shut and unable to be opened because I was stuck in combat with Arrok and the rest of his minions behind the locked gate. After making quick work of the orcs near Brok, the trick was that I used my Wizard to dimension door past the locked gate and was able to defeat Arrok and his fire elementals by ferrying party members via dimension door. After the encounter, I opened the inner gate and triggered a cut scene which is where the second bug starts..

Second Bug:

The cut scene was just my party members talking to an empty throne. I believe Arrok was supposed to interject, but he had been defeated prior to the encounter. After the cutscene, my quest log still asks me to "Kill Arrok", but he's already dead. He didn't spawn any loot either. The previously open gate is now locked and there is nowhere to go.

I emailed a saved game with the matching description to contact@tactical-adventures.com .

Thanks for the game and your hard work!