[Bug] Aksha - Darkness Spell

Level 1
1 year ago

The Darkness spell cast by Aksha is still bugged. I've seen a couple threads talking about it but the issue still exists.

Darkness is only capable of Dispelling spells that create light that are 2nd level or lower. Daylight is a 3rd level spell, but Darkness cast by Aksha is able to dispell it.

Darkness cast as an Innate Spell should only be cast at the base level of the spell. Darkness, being a 2nd level spell, should therefore be dispelled by a Daylight spell cast with an area overlapping it.

In Solasta, though, Aksha's innate Darkness spell not only dispells Daylight but it also is not dispelled by a subsequent casting of Daylight.

And then a minor nitpick that may be unfounded since I'm not sure what Aksha's stat block is: if she does not have a feature like Devil's Sight that allows her to see in magical darkness, which I do not believe she has since she also gets the Blinded icon when inside her own darkness, when she is inside her own area of Darkness and is attacking a creature that is also in the Darkness she should be attacking at a straight roll, not with Advantage. When a Blinded creature attacks they have Disadvantage, but when attacking a creature that is Blinded one gets Advantage which should cancel each other out thus resulting in a straight roll.