[Bug] 2 issues with Ritual spells

Level 1
2 years ago

1. When doing the 10-minute Ritual spell (in this case Detect Magic), while the game is paused, the flow of time will resume after the 10-minute screen has passed. But the play/pause button has stayed the same, inverting their meaning

2. When casting the Identify Ritual afterwards (again, while paused) the interim screensplash where it says "your companions wait 10 minutes" does not go away. The game underneath resumes, as you can see the information-hover-popups when placing the mouse over UI buttons like play/pause. But the screensplash image stays In this state, the game cannot be saved and forced me to start over

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 years ago

Huh, that's some very strange bugs. Passing it along to the devs