Brok Quest Checkpoints Unresponsive

Level 2
2 weeks ago
  • After retrieving the axe from the spider, any Brok checkpoints have been severely bugged. I was able to bypass one of them by fast traveling, and getting lucky with his location, however upon entering the boss fight, and the enclosed room I am unable to fast travel from, i can not apply this fix.

  • Where, how, who, when?
    • In what map / where exactly in the map did the bug happen?: In the volcano specifically after killing the spider and interacting with the Orc I needed to get the axe to. After that Brok was still in the room however it wasn't completing the checkmark, so i had to go on a scavenger hunt to find him
    • How did it happen? Unsure. Thats the most of the knowledge I have, and I cant try other options like "knock" due to my wizard also not having a spell book........ (Another bug, also happened inside to volcano)
    • Who did it happen to? NPC
    • When was the save that you loaded made? Is it a fresh run, or is it a save from a previous version (with a little warning mark next to it)? An autosave from a fresh(-ish) run (started 1 day ago)
    • Version? Im running the latest version on steam.
    • Save File?

      Hope that information helps. Not quite sure what to do. You CAN fly and activate the teleporter, and get stuck behind ANOTHER locked door, and you also cant get back. 
Level 2
2 weeks ago (edited)

Of course, as to be expected, I reloaded a previous save, and did very different choices, and I just bypassed the problem, but I missed out on some NPC details, and fights by doing this

1 week ago (edited)

I have the same issue.. totally stuck... game over.

And I don't have any recent save to reload...

1 week ago (edited)

This just happened to me as well. Handed over the Axe and Brok is in the room still. Can't interact with him at all. 

EDIT: I traveled to the Necropolis and then back in again and Fast Traveled to the 'Bloodspear Tribe' and it seemed to bypass this issue. Hopefully no further issues occur due to this first hiccup. I'll edit again if there is something.

EDIT 2: Just finished the quest with no further issues

6 days ago (edited)

I will try this. Thanks for the tip.

EDIT 1 : OK, I found Brok but note where he appears to be first.  I went to the camp with the arena, and once arrived there, there was a cut scene with him....