Level 4
1 year ago

I just like to praise this game, ever since I've backed it up I've had a great time. It mechanically flawless and to me the best experience from PnP (I've been playing PnP for over 25 years, and this is one of my all time favorites - sorry Torment still #1):

1 - The rule set is accurate to a fault (I very much enjoy the arcana roll to determine a spell before deciding on counterspell or not)

2 - EXCELLENT  user interface, I mean, Actions, Reactions, Bonus Actions, Powers, Spells (both as Bonus Actions and regular action), migrating and effect like Hunters Mark, amazing work, very clean, very intuitive.

3 - Monster reaction on Spirit Guardians is AMAZING, trying to move away or not approaching was a very very good, and realistic, reaction.

4 - Spell scribing, crafting etc, again, as the interface intuitive and clean.

5 - Random encounters, not only did I travel far more that I should have, to get those extra random encounters, but when reaching lvl 8+ I started reading the pearl that is "Low lvl Monsters afraid of your party run away". That made me smile.

6 - Quest board, returning to locations with extra quests, monsters and rewards, very cool.

Room for improvement? Sure, but all in all the best DnD experience (5e) I've had outside PnP.

Level 4
1 year ago

I'm absolutely loving this game as well.  

I haven't seen the READY action in a game before.  Being able to delay your no good options turn and attack an enemy as soon as they come into range is such a great ability.  And greatly satisfying.

The puzzles make you think but aren't so hard that you have to google them.

The graphics are just fine for me.  I could use more appearance options, but not truly an issue.  I found my perfect looks.

I really hope TA expands upon the game.  More races and classes.  I know they're restricted, but hopefully once WotC sees what they've created, they'll give them more leeway.  I really miss my Bard and Monk and some less human races would be great.  I don't see a lot of replayability at this point.

As much as I enjoy the graphics, I have to admit that the UI seems a little too "mechanical" to me. It's so clean and perfect.  Not very fantasy design.  But that is a very small criticism.

Overall, money well spent.