Big fat bug on Crown Room

Daniel Maia
Level 3
2 years ago


When I found the double doors to the crown room I´ve sent a dancing lights ahead along while a scout just put one foot outside the door. Some Sorak spotted him and combat started. My whole group stayed outside the crown room and used the double doors as a chokepoint to fight the Soraks. Very successful strategy. However after the fight is finished some cinematics kick off as if I was spotting the Soraks for the first time. The double doors locked with my group inside the room and no way to open the doors! 

Game over

Level 7
2 years ago

Yeah, this happens at various points if you don't do what you're supposed to and just blunder in to a cutscene or other trigger. Using spider crawl or fly or other sneaky ways to enter cutscene trigger points can often break the game. You're supposed to fight the Soraks from inside the room. To ensure, TA programmed the doors to close and lock after you enter. (Precisely to prevent defend the doorway and other overly effective strategies.) Code trigger to unlock is tied to defeating the Soraks while in the room. If you're outside the room when you defeat the Soraks, code doesn't work properly.

Best option until they fix: reload an earlier save and enter the room to fight the Soraks.

Level 14
2 years ago

i've not played in a few weeks but i was able to bring the fight outside of the room, i started in the room but then slowly drew back until i also made the double doors a choke point and everything was fine, however, while i did have all of the party outside of the room for most of the fight, i think i did have half in and half at the end, don't know if that made a difference?

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