Better Tooltips

Level 3
9 months ago

I would love to see some improvements to the tooltips, and just added information in general. I wouldn't say this is a bug exactly but honestly some of the missing information is quite crucial.

  • In general the tooltips for items, scrolls, etc. are really useless. "Circlet of Tippy Taps" would just say "Function: Cast Tippy Taps", but if you don't have that spell, how do you know what that is?
  • On a Tome of Leadership (and several other items) you will immediately take a 24 hour rest when you read it; that needs to be mentioned on the item's tooltip.
  • In Lost Valley, when you take on a quest that will give you a follower and REQUIRE you to go to a certain area to do that quest immediately, some popup should indicate that, or add it to the dialogue somehow.

There are probably a lot I'm missing.