Better perspective

Level 2
5 months ago

I think that it would be good to have the camera offer a "near first person' Point of view for the selected character.

I would like to be able to have a mouse free-look around from the perspective of the one that I am controlling.

It would offer a bit more immersion without having to go full 1st person.

Level 7
5 months ago

Here Here!!

Level 1
5 months ago (edited)


   I Think the Same for First Person where you could look up down etc

   And a better dezoom not isometric but top of terrain will help also

   In Fact a total control of camera will be the better like the MOD for Wasteland 2 DC (A Unity Game Also) do it and it's wonderfull completly change the pleasure of gaming

Free Camera Mod

This mod tweaks the game camera as follows:

  • When zooming out, the camera now angles a little bit so you can see further forward
  • When zooming in, you can now zoom past the previous limit and get an over the shoulder view of the WasteLand.

Free Combat Camera Mod

Originally developed by Staehrminator over on the InXile Forums.

This little hack stops the camera from automatically jerking around during combat. It will now stay put unless you move it manually, and you can now also move it when it's not your turn. If you want to zoom in on an enemy before you eviscerate them, or have a constant view of the battlefield like the tactical god you are, well, now you can !

    So you Could take example on it if you want :)

Best Regards, ExA

Level 2
5 months ago

One consideration that I thought about toying around with the POV idea is that the way the devs have done verticality, having an OTS or FP POV could lead toward ceilings in buildings or underground areas.  Having a spider or 2 directly over head would make for some interesting battles also.