Better inventory - Categories of equipment.

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4 months ago

Ingredients clot up the inventory too much for instance. If they could be store separately under its own tab perhaps it can help.
They dont weigh too much anyway for instance.

Most rpgs (bg, da etc) all have categories for items so that you dont have to see some. Most that do crafting wont ditch the ingredients and hence they could be stored elsewhere for instance. And its also usable when someone wants to sell off junk if there is a ditch category where one can move their undiserable items (some dont like giving scavs 20%...^^)

Its already available in shops so why not in the inventory?

Bow before me! Or d'ont. I'm not very picky about these sort of things.

Level 7
4 months ago

I mentioned this problem already, even if it didn't seem to get attention. Best fix would be an ingredients bag everyone carries one of (if they're carrying any ingredients), that you can open up to look at numerics possessed and the pretty little pictures.

This makes it so that one person can carry it all, have a nice little button/option to transfer all, and it's not getting in the way of your sight when looking at the other gear you're carrying.