Best DLC / Adventures to play?

Level 11
10 months ago

I've played the main campaign and loved it.

I've played the two campaigns that came with Primal Calling and thought they were good BUT they suffered badly from not having any shops to finally sell all the loot you picked up. So all your characters just carried all the loot they never got a chance to sell or do anything with so that was super frustrating and disappointing.

Now, I've played the main campaign all the way through no less than 5 times now. So I'm looking for additional content to play.

Can anyone recommend good DLC adventures to play? Preferably ones that actually have shops in them so loot has actual value.

Level 14
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10 months ago (edited)

By the way, I created a Headquarters "campaign" that allows any party to enter it, sell loot, buy stuff (normal prices but 20% rebate), craft (and buy recipes), rest.  When they exit, you update your characters, which are then ready for a next adventure!

They are not the generic merchants, but NPCs that have all the gear and crafting supplies.  With immersive prices (not free).

- even works with level 1 characters before the main campaign. 

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Level 5
9 months ago

Is there any top10/100/1k adventures list?