Belt of Dwarvenkind Beard issue

1 year ago

I attuned the belt of Dwarvenkind to my halfling female, hoping it wouldn't give her a beard, which it didn't, so I continued on without reloading. But then some later I noticed she suddenly did have one during a cutscene and ever since. Is there at all a way to remove it? Unattunning didn't work. The beard model clips too, the mustache is inside her mouth, which looks terrible when she talks.

Level 14
1 year ago

My experiences:

The beard appears on long rest. In the previous version (before the spring update), one character used the belt forever without the beard appearing.

In 0.5.42, one character used it and the beard appeared. Then I switched it to another character and started taking notes. The beard appeared on the second character on the second long rest (not the first) and disappeared from the previous character at the same time. So either there is a deliberate delay to throw us off or there is some randomization involved (or both).

I wouldn't mind so much if we had a choice of which beard. I suggest opening the character creator with all options blocked except beard choice. That way would be both more tolerable and a bit more fun.