Being surprised/Acute Senses, running out of food/Create Food spell, critical exception

Level 5
2 years ago

Firstly, I'm loving the game (game designers, please see my positive feedback post when the bug reports/critical feedback are getting too much) and I even like how you are framing the updates and posts with humour. I do have some bugs/issues to report though. The first of these seems to be an bug, the second may be a design choice, the third seems to be more serious:

1. One of my characters took the Acute Senses feat and although he is not asleep when 'surprised' by an ambush, he is still surprised and can't act on the first turn. Given this feat is already significantly weaker than the non-SRD Alert and I believe the feat desription specifically indicates you can't be surprised, I assume this is a bug.

2. My characters can run out of food on long treks despite one of my characters having Create Food. I assume that the entire reason for this spell is to avoid running out of food, so it would be good if having this spell removed food counting down during travel/automagically set the amount of food to 15 when it drops to zero during travel.

3. Trying to re-enter the Mage Tower location crashes the game since the update. A couple of times it was just stuck on loading screen indefinitely, the most recent time crashed to a red screen with Critical Exception up the top. There were option buttons and there was text reporting the specifics of the error, but I could not press the buttons or copy the text, I had to control-alt-delete. I have verified the files through steam.

Level 6
2 years ago

The feat definitely never worked as advertised, but it did make a difference. I would routinely go from 90%+ surprised rates to 75%+ surprising the enemy instead. It wasn't foolproof, but it was very strong and helpful.

But now with the spring update the feat is gone, and the surprise rates without it, if anything, seem lots worse.

Benny Boy

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

You can't cast Goodberry or Create Food unless you have it selected in your spell list and you have a spell slot left when you rest. By the rules, you can only change your spell list after a long rest. If you don't slot it, you will not get the food; if you burn all of your spell slots before resting, you will not get the food.

There is a specific setting that allows long rest without food and it can be turned on as needed, even after you receive that message.

Level 4
2 years ago

Even with all the slots available and the spell prepared my cleric still don`t cast create food while traveling