Beacon of Hope plus Healing removed action controls

1 year ago

I am sorry, but this report is very much after the fact.  I have long since moved on and finished my first play through of the play test content.  I no longer have access to any of the save files or screen shots, I can only provide a verbal description.

While I was doing the Origins of The Crown quest -- during the final combat with all the various fire elementals: I had my cleric, Tanya, cast Beacon of Hope.  Then a couple of rounds in when my custom character, a March Halfling Ranger Marksman, was heavily damaged -- I had the cleric cast a healing spell.  When I did this the GUI action panel disappeared and I could not interact with it nor activate any further actions either with the mouse or the keyboard, including ending the cleric's turn.  This happened after the pop-up explaining that the Beacon of Hope was allowing maximum values on my healing rolls.  This was repeatable over multiple reloads, trying to heal multiple characters on different rounds, and after closing and restarting the game which required using the Window's Task Manager to end the Solastre.exe task.  Even though the compass control panel was still visible, clicking on any of the buttons did nothing.  What was interesting was that even though the action controls where not visible, if I hovered over where a control should be, the tool tip pop ups describing the various actions still appeared, though this had no benefit in allowing me to activate any action.

I eventually gave up on using the Beacon of Hope feature and found another way to complete the combat and the quest.  I never did try the Beacon again.