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The following content is only available if you purchased the Primal Calling DLC. Looking for the Patch Notes? You can find them here

New Class: The Barbarian

Barbarians are savage warriors who roam the wildlands, performing feats of strength some would consider impossible. They are said to be extremely dangerous as they can enter a rage at the drop of a hat, which makes them near unkillable in combat.

Class Features (in Solasta):

  • Rage (Level 1): Barbarians can enter a rage as a bonus action, gaining advantage on Strength checks and saving throws, bonus damage on melee weapon damage rolls and resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage. Their rage lasts up to 1 min, but ends immediately if they spend one round without attacking a hostile creature or taking damage. They can rage a set number of times per long rest (starting with 2), and they don't get any rage bonus if they are wearing heavy armor.
  • Unarmored Defense (Level 1): While not wearing any armor (shields are fine), Barbarians' AC is equal to 10 + DEX Modifier + CON Modifier.
  • Danger Sense (Level 2): Barbarians have advantage on Dexterity saving throws against traps and spells as long as they are not blinded or incapacitated.
  • Reckless Attack (Level 2): Barbarians can decide to use the Reckless Attack Feature (Free Action) to gain advantage on all their melee weapon attack rolls during their turn. However, doing so also grants advantage to all enemy attack rolls made against them until the start of their next turn.
  • Primal Path (Level 3): Barbarians can choose a Primal Path between the Path of Berserker, the Path of Magebane and the Path of Stone.
  • Extra Attack (Level 5): Barbarians can attack twice instead of once when taking the Attack action
  • Fast Movement (Level 5): Barbarians' speed is increased by 10 feet while not wearing heavy armor.
  • Feral Instinct (Level 7): Barbarians gain advantage on initiative rolls. Additionally, when surprised and not incapacitated, they can still act normally if they enter a rage at the start of their turn.
  • Brutal Critical (Level 9): Barbarians roll an additional weapon damage die when dealing a critical hit with a melee weapon.
  • Relentless Rage (Level 11): While raging, when Barbarians drop at 0 hit point and don't immediately die (due to massive damage for instance), they remain at 1 hit point instead if they succeed a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. Each time Relentless Rage triggers the DC increases by 5. The DC resets to 10 on a short or long rest.

Path of the Berserker (SRD):

  • Frenzy (Level 3): When entering a rage, Berserkers can decide to go into a frenzy. Frenzied Berserkers can use their bonus action to make a melee weapon attack while raging. When their rage ends, they must succeed a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of exhaustion. Each time Frenzy is used the DC increases by 5. The DC resets to 10 on a short or long rest. Solasta-only adjustment. 
  • Mindless Rage (Level 6): While raging, Berserkers can't be charmed or frightened. The effects of charm and frightened are suspended if they were affected before entering their rage.
  • Intimidating Presence (Level 10): Berserkers can use their action to frighten a creature until the end of their next turn if they fail a Wisdom saving throw DC 8 + Proficiency bonus + CHA modifier. If the creature succeeds its saving throw, they can no longer be targeted by Intimidating Presence.

Path of the Magebane (Solasta):

  • War Cry (Level 3): While raging, when Magebanes take damage from spells or other magic sources they can immediately use their reaction to unleash a powerful war cry, dealing psychic damage to all enemies within 30' around them. 
  • Enemy of Magic (Level 6): Magebanes add an additional weapon damage die when attacking creatures capable of spellcasting with a melee weapon attack. 
  • Reject Magic (Level 10): Magebanes gain Magic Resistance, granting them advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects. 

Path of Stone (Community):

  • Stone Resilience (Level 3): While raging, Stone Barbarians gain temporary HP equal to twice their proficiency bonus at the end of their turn. Temporary HP do not stack.
  • Strength from Within (Level 6): Stone Barbarians can use their Constitution modifier instead of their normal ability modifier for all saving throws. 
  • Rock Solid (Level 10): While raging, Stone Barbarians gain +1 bonus AC per hostile opponent within 5' of them, up to a maximum of +4 AC. 

New Class: The Druid

Druids claim to be the embodiment of nature’s resilience, cunning and fury. They do not seek control over nature, but see themselves as extensions of its will. Contrary to clerics, most druids pursue spirituality and union with nature itself rather than devoting themselves to a divine entity.

Class Features (in Solasta):

  • Spellcasting (Level 1): Druids are capable of casting spells using their Wisdom ability. Similar to Clerics, they have access to the entire druidic spell list but must prepare a limited amount of spells after each long rest. 
  • Ritual Casting (Level 1): Druids can cast rituals if they have the spell prepared.
  • Wild Shape (Level 2): Druids can use an action to shapeshift into a beast up to twice per short or long rest. While transformed, Druids use the physical attributes of the beast, are unable to cast spells, and taking damage while in Wild Shape does not impact their hit points - unless the beast drops below 0 hit points (in which case the excess damage is transferred to their original body). Unlike the Tabletop version, as Solasta mostly focused on combat features, Druids can turn into a beast of CR 0.25/0.5/1/2 at level 2/4/6/8 instead of CR 0.25/0.5/1 at level 1/4/8 so that Wild Shape remains relevant at higher levels. As a reminder, this remains weaker than Moon Druids who gain access to CR 1/2/3 at level 2/6/9 (but that we can't implement because they are not part of the SRD).
  • Druid Circle (Level 2): Druids can choose a Druidic Circle between the Circle of the Land, the Circle of Kindred Spirits and the Circle of Winds.

Circle of the Land (SRD):

  • Bonus Cantrip (Level 2): Land Druids learn an additional druid cantrip of their choice
  • Natural Recovery (Level 2): Similar to Wizards, once per long rest Land Druids can recover a number of spell slots equal to half their druid level (rounded up) during a short rest. 
  • Circle Spells (Level 2): Land Druids have access to circle spells, granting them addition spells that are always prepared and that don't count in the number of spells they can prepare each day.
  • Land Stride (Level 6): Land Druids can move through nonmagical difficult terrain with no extra movement. They are also immune to magical plants that impede movement such as Entangle or Spike Growth (Solasta only). 
  • Nature's Ward (Level 10): Land Druids are immune to poison and disease, and they can't be charmed or frightened by fey and elementals.

Circle of Kindred Spirits (Solasta):

  • Kindred Spirit (Level 2): Kindred Druids bond with a Kindred Spirit, whose attributes scale with the Druid's attributes. Kindred Spirits can be summoned with an action, can be controlled as playable companions, have advantage when attacking creatures within 5' of allies and heal the same amount HP as the Druid during short rests. If a Kindred Spirit dies, their Druid suffer psychic damage, is stunned until the end of their turn, and they can no longer call upon their Kindred Spirit until they take a long rest.
  • Magical Spirit (Level 6): Kindred Spirits' attacks are considered magical. Furthermore, whenever Kindred Druids heal themselves, the Kindred Spirits regain a number of HP equal to their Druid's Wisdom Modifier.  
  • Shared Pain (Level 10): Whenever the Kindred Spirit or the Druid takes damage, they can use their reaction to transfer half of the damage to their counterpart.

Circle of Winds (Community):

  • Carried by the Wind (Level 2): Wind Druids automatically take the Disengage option for free and gain 10' of movement speed until the end of their turn when they cast a level 1 or higher spell.
  • Sheltering Breeze (Level 6): Wind Druids can use their bonus action to shelter all allies within 30', giving them advantage to all saving throws until the start of their next turn. They can use Sheltering Breeze a number of time equal to their Wisdom modifier per long rest.
  • Guiding Winds (Level 10): Whenever Wind Druids hit an enemy with their attack roll, the next attack rolls made against that enemy before the end of their next turn has advantage.

New Ancestry: The Half-Orc

Often ostracized by both humans and orcs due to their heritage, half-orcs tend to stick together in small tight-knit communities. They have a knack for fighting and an immense amount of stamina, which makes them excellent Barbarians and Fighters.

Ancestry Features (in Solasta):

  • Ability Scores: Half-Orcs gain a +2 bonus in Strength and +1 bonus in Constitution
  • Darkvision: Half-Orcs can see in the dark up to 60'
  • Menacing: Half-Orcs gain proficiency in Intimidation
  • Relentless Endurance: Whenever a Half-Orc is reduced to 0 hit points without being killed outright (with massive damage for instance), they remain at 1 hit point instead. They can't use this feature again until they finish a long rest.
  • Savage Attacks: Whenever a Half-Orcs land a critical hit with a melee weapon attack, they add an extra weapon damage die to the total damage dealt. 

New Background: The Wanderer

Born in the Marches, you were raised and trained to survive the harsh and perilous environment. You had few friends and no education - though you know the true worth of friendship, the kind that keeps you alive.

Background Features (in Solasta):

  • Lone Wolf: Wanderers gain proficiency in Survival and Nature
  • Crafter: Wanderers are proficient with Smith Tools and Herbalism Kit. 
  • Equipment: Wanderers start their journey with an extra Explorer's Pack, Torch, Commoner's Clothing and Herbalism Kit
  • Personality Flags: Wanderers can choose between Caution, Pragmatism, Egoism and Kindness
  • Background Quest: Wanderers have access to the "History of Violence" quest (can be found in Copparan after completing Abjuration Main Quest)

Alright folks, this is the end for today - time for you to jump back in Solasta! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

1 year ago

Do we have a list of the spells circle of the land gets? I assume it's not the same as PnP since some of the spells are not in the game.

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1 year ago

Watching the video:

I noticed on 5:49 mark that it also mentions that the game is now also available on the Mac.

I also noticed a mention of paying for the DLC (which is fine) as well as other upgrades. There is no mention of how to purchase the DLC. (I have not played the game yet, so I am also wondering how to get a hold of the Mac version.)


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1 year ago

badland eagle doesnt work properly. beak but no claws on attack. am i missing something?

1 year ago

Out of curiosity, anyone solve the Barbarian quest "History of Violence" in the mine/caves of Coparann?  Been stuck on the puzzle for 3 days now.


8 months ago

Do we have a list of the spells circle of the land gets?