Barbarian Rage should not cancel if used at end of turn

1 year ago

I noticed if you activate rage at the end of your turn it cancels on the next turn.  It should only cancel if you not attacked on the following turn.

Level 3
1 year ago

No way. If you don’t get attacked or attack before your next turn. You don’t keep rage. That’s the same rule in D&D

9 months ago

It would be nice if rage didn't cancel during a cut scene.  That's somewhat unfair.  Especially if I'm then attacked immediately after so I would have kept rage anyway.

I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. You're just not laughing.

5 months ago

Raging at the end of your turn should be treated the same as raging at the beginning of your next turn. Mistakes happen, the flow is still there.